Computer service & Support

We're also offer a wide range of Hardware & Software with professional consultant team according to customer’s requirements. Relying on our experience in this industry, we can design a customized system to fit their needs by selecting the appropriate solution from our extensive product line.

With our dedicated staff and state-of-the-art technology, we differentiate ourselves from others with important additions such as Logistics Business Knowledge, Information Technology etc. Moreover, we can provide the monthly service report to our maintenance a/c in order to check and measure of our standard service.

Our Engineer could provide computer maintenance service & support to any companies who don’t have their own IT people with either On-Site Service or Monthly Service Regularly.

Employees & Staff

INFONET INT'L provides the resources and experience staff with extensive logistics expertise and experiences. They're working closely with the customers to ensure that proposed solution is being implemented seamlessly, with a proper training on the new operational procedures.

Presently, the company employs 25-28 employees dedicated exclusively to supporting the solutions of logistics software on-site for both BKK, LKB and LCB. We've already had achieved our mission with quality respectively.


Management Team

01  Mr.Vallop Sansnapongpricha   Managing Director

02 Ms.Napaporn Viratkapun  Finance & Accounting Director

03 Mr.Parinya Jackchuay   Networking System Manager

04 Mr.Montree Kaenchand  System Development Manager

05 Mr.Tattana Sansnapongpricha   Project Manager

Our Strengths

¨ Our team was expertise in execution logistics system deployment to our clients for several years. As in today's competitive market situation, many companies need to be better equipped with the state of the art technologies and solution to help them empower their business.

-*in providing an integrated logistics software solution service.

-*Experienced in handling high-tech products such as Personal Computers, telecommunications products.

-*Dedicated service & support with well-trained staff to provide efficiency handling and quality services.

-*Solid IT software support to provide the accurate and reliable logistics services.

With our following expertise and resources mentioned, we have a strong confidence to provide the best quality service to customers with quality and professional. Upon our single vision of "A Partner of Success", INFONET could commit to offer the closet possible co-operation and the greatest possible support, in order to meet all the client's expectations with regard to satisfaction and quality.