Our Collaboration Partners

INFONET INT'L has been appointed by Oversea Software Partner while acting as a local distributor & local support in Thailand to provide professional services to their existing customers for more than 20 years. Through these relationships, we are able to offer a broader range of services and support a wider range of platforms with various applications to meet the customers' needs across the region.

KEWILL PTE LTD (U.K. Based) – Singapore HQ Office

· iCMS and Logistics/2000
· Kewill Forwarding System (KFF) & TMS Solutions c/o DHL, DKSH
  Freight Management Solutions which included Air Freight / Sea Freight along with TMS Solutions provided on Cloud Services. knowledge.


· Blujay Solutions Limited
 An Integrated Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions which included Air Freight / Sea Freight along with Warehouse Management and Transport Management Solutions via Cloud Services.

Boon Software Co.(Singapore)

· Warehouse Management System – 100% Web Based
  Boon Software Boon Software produces its finest composition to date with the Symphony Logistics Suite. WMS-Online. TMS-Online. OMS-Online. A trio of extraordinary pieces. Beautiful interplay combined to form a truly expansive solution. knowledge.

The Symphony Logistics Suite embodies Boon Software’s belief that logistics services should be experienced as pure web-based applications. It is inspired by over a decade of success, handling the global demands of warehousing and supply chain logistics.

LOGIPOLIS (PSA Singapore) – Singapore Listed Company

· DMS (Distribution Management System)
· CTMS (Container Transport Management System)
  Boon Software Boon Software produces its finest composition to date with the Symphony Logistics Suite. WMS-Online. TMS-Online. OMS-Online. A trio of extraordinary pieces. Beautiful interplay combined to form a truly expansive solution. Transport Management System for the transport & logistics solutions which can be served for both Container Transport and Distribution Management Services integrated with GPS/GPRS.

AUTOSCAN (PSA Singapore) – Singapore PLC

· ATLAS-TMS (Transport Management System)
· ATLAS-WMS (Warehouse Management System)
Autoscan has successfully implemented award-winning solutions in Supply Chain Management, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and AIDC solutions in many of our customer sites. We provide comprehensive solutions to meet supply chain business strategies such as Transport Management, Warehouse Management, RFID, Telematics, AIDC, mobility and enterprise integration

Ascent Technology Asia Pte Ltd.

· ASCENT-DMS (Transport Management System)
· ASCENT-WMS (Warehouse Management System)
a leading provider of multi-modal logistics solutions, amalgamates state-of-the-art technology with an in-depth understanding of your business to help you meet the pressing challenges of distribution and e-fulfillment

TSB - Total Soft Bank (Korea) – Korea Listed Company

· CATOS (Computer Automated Terminal Operation System)
· CASP (Computer Automated Stowage Planning)
· TSB Super Cargo
Terminal Operation Management Software which are using in the Laem Chabang Thailand (B2-Evergreen Terminal, B3-ESCO terminal) to manage and control the daily operation in the Marine Terminal. This system facilitate to manage ie. Shipping Planning, Berth Planning, Yard Planning, Both Gate In/Out in the port.


Business to Business (B2B) leaders know that having a single point of connection to trading partner maximizes to their business efficiency and opportunities. These industry leaders provide their business communities with the convenience and reliability of the complete business management platform that offers optimal security, uptime, scalability and automation. You may need a solution that help you :
· Make your business to business process easier to manage.
· Consolidate complex routing scenarios under a single platform.
· Improve B2B performance to include real time load sharing across multiple server or CPUs.
· Establish scenario-specific roles and access for different users.

BellDati Software Co.,ltd.

· Business Intelligence Tools / Analytics Software
· Dash Board Solution
· Analytics Software Solution
· FMS / WMS / TMS / Asset Management
· Data Collaboration

Honeywell Thailand Co.,ltd

· Honeywell - WMS (Warehouse Management System)
· Honeywell - Flux (e-Fulfillment Warehouse Management System for e-Commerce Business)

LogiNext Solutions USA

Introducing the Powerful And Feature Packed Last Miles Delivery Solutions

LogiNext Mile ™

··· • A Highly Configurable Last Mile Delivery and Dispatch Management Software, LogiNext Mile™ is The Most Ideal Solution Which Offers
Automated Delivery Route Planning & Route Optimization, Automated Real Time Resource Allocation, Cash and Proof of Delivery,
Delivery Associate Management, and Real Time Tracking, All This in One Power Packed Last Mile Delivery and Dispatch Management

LogiNext Field ™

··· • A Comprehensive Mobile Field Workforce Management software Which Schedules and Optimizes Tasks as Per Priorities for The Dynamically Improvising Mobile Field Services Like Field Sale Agents, Field Technicians, HVAC Field Staff, Medical Reps and More Utilizing Patented Field Workforce and Work Order Management Algorithms.

LogiNext On-Demand ™

··· • Our On-Demand delivery management software works like a charm if you are interested in “Uberification” of your logistics or your on-demand delivery services. When it comes to express deliveries, customers expect your service to perform on time, every single minute. Real time delivery associate tracking and constant visibility allows you to meet such SLAs with confidence.

··· • On-demand delivery automation is primarily dependent on real-time location based allocation technology, where the nearest available resource is automatically assigned the task based on customer proximity, distance, required delivery time slots, and other such parameters.

··· • Not only allocation - our delivery associate planning app is followed by actual tracking which leads to seamless, immediate integration with tasks such as pay-outs and customer invoicing, based on kilometers traveled, time taken and service level achieved.

LogiNext Haul ™

··· • Fleet management system for the new age with a clear focus on getting the most out of our transportation management software,

··· • LogiNext Haul™ is the answer to all shipment tracking bottlenecks. GPS vehicle tracking feeding information into our self-learning algorithms enables you to channelize your line haul trucks and shipments through our route optimization processes to save resource time and fuel costs. Any normal transportation management software can help you identify your line haul truck capacity,

··· • However LogiNext Haul™ automates shipment assignments optimizing resource utilization with end-to-end GPS vehicle tracking to increase supply chain efficiency

LogiNext Reverse™

··· • the leading-edge reverse delivery management software which caters to the reverse leg of logistics, especially in e-commerce logistics, where shipments are picked from customer locations and transported to the hub for aggregation.

··· • LogiNext’s reverse delivery management software not only provides automated optimization for capacity and route planning in first mile, but also covers all scenarios for return-to-merchant (RTM) and return-to-origin (RTO) cases. Clustering of reverse pick-ups with last mile deliveries helps in a high degree of resource optimization.