• Air Freight Management System (Inbound & Outbound)
  • Sea Freight Management System (Inbound & Outbound)

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  • Trucking Operation System
  • Trucking Maintenance & Repair System

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Container Depot Management System
  • Inbound Container Control System
  • Outbound Container Control System

Distribution Management System
  • Vehicle Operation System
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Repair System

Warehouse Management System (WMS-ONLINE)

ASRS Module
Interfaces with Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems. WMS-ONLINE controls ASRS machinery directly for putaway and picking functions.

RF Module
Using Radio Frequency barcode scanner devices such as Portable Data Terminals (PDTs), vehicle mounted terminals and Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs) for real-time data input and higher inventory throughput.

B2B Module
Interfaces with other business systems such as ERP, FMS, DMS, Accounting Systems. Supports XML and ASCII Delimited Format. Add-on: B2B Translator — translates B2B messages into iDoc & EDIFACT format.

Mobility Module
Interfaces with PDAs and Mobile Phone using WAP & SMS. Enable mobile enquiries into WMS-ONLINE for inventory and order status information. Also capturing of delivery status for online Track & Trace. Add-on: Mobility SMS — powers you mobility through SMS.

KEWILL Forwarding System

KEWILL Forwarding System is an exciting new generation web-based and windows-based freight management application solution. KEWILL is designed specifically to enhance freight forwarder's operational efficiency by fully automating their operational process.

Key Modules

  • Air and Sea Export
  • Air and Sea Import
  • Sales Quotations
  • Invoicing
  • Job Costing
  • Management Reports
  • Interface Modules with external trading partners

Key Benefits

  • Connect any organization to the e-Commerce through a private or public logistics service hub
  • Access timely and critical business information through online graphical reporting tool
  • Protect your investment through a scalable solution
  • Built-in interface for relevant data to be transmitted electronically to external parties
  • Enhance operational efficiency through shortening turnaround time and increasing productivity


Logistics/2000, a freight management system is designed to equip logistics service providers with the ability to manage their global business processes, and meet the challenge of door to door services in logistics supply chain. Developed on Oracle, Logistics/2000 uses GUI interface and adopts the client/server architecture.

Key Modules

  • E-Tracking
  • Seafreight
  • Airfreight
  • Financial Accounting
  • Executive Information System

Key Benefits

  • Improve business process to eliminate redundant tasks, data and systems
  • Group consolidation capabilities allow access to timely and accurate information to make informed decisions
  • Modular design to fit into workflow of any organization
  • Flexible interface capabilities to keep pace with business changes
  • Executive Information System